The Innovative Economy Program


The Innovative Economy Program is one of six National Strategic Reference Framework programs funded by the European Union. It is addressed mainly to businesses which intend to carry out innovative projects associated with research and development, state-of-the-art technologies, investments of huge importance to the Polish economy or implementation and application of ICT.
The Innovative Economy Program


The key objective of the Innovative Economy Operational Programme is development of the Polish economy driven by innovation-seeking companies.

This key objective shall be accomplished via achievement of the following goals:

  • 1. Increase of innovation in business
  • 2. Rise in competitiveness of Polish sciences
  • 3. Higher importance of Polish sciences for the economic growth
  • 4. Increased share of innovative products of the Polish economy in the international market
  • 5. Providing better and long-lasting jobs
  • 6. Increased use of ICT in the economy
The Innovative Economy Operational Programme’s budget shall be spent on highly innovative ventures with a huge impact on our country’s economy.

The Innovative Economy Operational Programme offers comprehensive support for R & D-related ventures which provide businesses undertaking them with a competitive advantage in the Single European Market as well as in international markets, which in turn leads to long-lasting and good jobs in innovative companies.

Grants on scientific activity conducted to the benefit of businesses and providing economy with new generation technology solutions shall reach the sector of science concerned with the increase of innovation and competitiveness of the Polish economy.

In order to enable businesses to create, transfer and implement modern technological and organizational solutions, the programme shall target broadly taken business environment, especially the one with supraregional reach. At the same time, it will reach out to institutions which encourage business innovation and entrepreneurship and, as such, are of the highest importance to economy as a whole,
including networks of those institutions, eminent innovation centers and organizations providing funds for innovative ventures.

Such actions shall be taken as one of nine priorities of the Innovative Economy Operational Programme. The aim of each priority is to provide funding for science focused on creation of innovative solutions, conditions for development of this science and its cooperation with business, companies capable of commercializing those solutions, promotion of Polish products and companies likely to conquer global markets, computerization of economy and administration sector.

The Innovative Economy Program